Moberly Area Community College's Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Chapter Meetings

Chapter meetings involve the entire membership and are generally held twice a month. The meetings are either held as face-to-face meetings or via the internet using the college’s web conferencing system or by using Zoom available to member through our PTK Chapter page on Canvas. Check the calendar or contact the Chapter President or the Vice President of your site for details about the next chapter meeting.

Site meetings are meetings of members who regularly attend a particular MACC campus although members from other campuses are certainly welcome to attend. The Vice President of each campus is in charge of scheduling and conducting the site meetings. The number of site meetings held vary from site to site. Consult the calendar or contact the Vice President of your campus for detail about your next site meeting.

Links to the minutes from both the chapter meetings and the site meetings for the current PTK year can be found on the PTK Canvas pages available to PTK members currently enrolled.

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